RFP Policy

We will consider RFPs, provided the client agrees to participate in our discovery/architecture process.

RFPs are traditionally very restrictive

IQDATA is not a product-based company. We are a service organization that delivers custom solutions to our clients. Comparing our services to a commercial product or generalized agency is not an effective way to gauge if our solutions can help your organization achieve its goals, nor is it a way to judge value.

Our goal is to deliver you guarantees on budget, timeframe, and outcome. To ensure these claims, we must stay within our structured process.

We diagnose before we prescribe

Much like any other professional service, our goal is never to sell you on a large engagement until we have first conducted an architecture and discovery process. Only through this in-depth workshop can we prescribe the appropriate solutions to your organization's unique challenges.

Can you really trust someone who prescribes a solution without taking time to understand the problem?

How we respond to RFPs

Our team is interested in your opportunity, provided we can follow these steps in response:

1. We'll conduct a fact-finding or initial discovery call to learn more about the opportunity and qualify that there is a fit between our organizations.

2. If we mutually agree that there is a fit, we'll schedule a follow-up exploratory call to understand more specific details about your organization and the particular project.

3. From that meeting, we'll provide a proposal for an in-depth discovery and architecture workshop.

4. In addition, our proposal will include estimated budget ranges for your project in its entirety. Please note, these are estimations and meant only for the purposes of budgetary guidance.

5. If pursued, the discovery workshop will result in a comprehensive findings report, recommendations and guaranteed budget figures.

Is our (or your) process too rigid?

Our process is aimed at achievable goals: to provide guaranteed pricing guidance, to eliminate all doubt, and mitigate any and all risk of project failure.

We realize many organizations are required to conduct traditional RFP processes to procure digital services. In that case, we apologize that we will not be able to help. But we do warn you that the risk factors with digital projects and traditional RFP processes are astronomical.

Our team is available to answer questions you may have. Contact us today!